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Aevrum was established to create a home for forward thinking nations, who desire to establish a golden age of peace, growth, and prosperity throughout Planet Bob. Although we desire peace, we are more than willing to ensure future peace if it means present war. We were founded in the midst of war and are no strangers to the battlefield. All nations who request membership agree to adhere to this Charter.
Article I: Membership

I.a Application

All applicants to Aevrum must fulfill the following requirements:
- Be trustworthy and Loyal. Be willing to fight when called upon.
- Receive approval from the King or Minister of Recruitment.

I.b Structure

Nobles - Outstanding members who have proved themselves through Service to our Noble House. These nations have been granted their nobility by the King, and hold various titles to display their Royal ranking.

General - A solider who has shown exceeding honor and valor on the battlefield. 2 Star, 3 Star, 4 Star & 5 Star General are also attainable ranks.

Member of the Court - A new member, or a member who contributes to the alliance economically and supports our cause, but has never shed blood for the Royal House.

Article II: Government

King - Absolute ruler of the Royal House of Aevum. Limited only to the individual nation guaranteed rights, freedoms, and privileges found in the charter. Nations have the freedom to run their country as they see fit as long as it doesn’t violate the Royal House of Aevrum rules found in our Charter. But alliance matters as a whole is ultimately decided by the sovereign King. The King oversees alliance affairs, and dictates policy through his ministers.

Diplomats - Diplomats are sent to other alliances and their forums to help improve diplomatic relations. A nation can only be a diplomat to one alliance at a time.

Article III: War

III.a War Authorization

No aggressive actions are allowed without prior government authorization. Aggressive actions by any Aevrum member without prior authorization from the Monarch will be dealt with by a hearing before the ruler or their appointed representative, and possible punishment up to banishment or ZI.

III.b Royal War Powers

At any time, the King may declare an alliance war.

III.c Nuclear Development

Nuclear proliferation is highly encouraged. In times of war, when aggression or defense has been authorized, Aevrum shall have a Nuclear first strike policy.

Article IV: Amendments

Any member of the Aevrum in good standing may at any time offer up an amendment to this charter, whereupon a vote of the Nobles will be held. The amendment must reach 2/3 approval before being ratified.

Article V: Rejoining The Alliance

- Any member who leaves the alliance instead of facing a trial for violations of the Charter or who decides to try and harm the alliance in any way on their way out or after leaving (including but not limited to coaxing members to leave, spreading rumors with intent to make members leave, taking money, or instigating hostilities with another alliance) will not be allowed to rejoin at any time in the future, and may be placed on a ZI list.


Noctis Lucis Caelum, King of Aevrum


Accepting New Members!

We have a policy to never surrender, value our honor over our stats and have won against odds most would consider impossible.
We welcome all warriors who think they have what it takes to join us, especially more nuclear capable fighters looking for action!



Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/xYushD4

Alliance Stats: http://www.cybernations.net/alliance_stats.asp?ID=15326

Aevrum Forum: http://aevrum.com/


Using our Forum & Discord Channel is not required for membership, apply in-game if you're interested in joining!

Edited by Noctis Lucis Caelum
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Noxious got banned and tarred and feathered!?!:blink:

3 hours ago, Lucius Optimus said:

All libertarians will be hunted down 

Bollocks!!! I Libertarian!:ph34r:


1 hour ago, MaineGOP said:

He started the night so determined to fight, ends the night drunk and banned. I think he woke up with a hangover and regret today :P

Tragic news for planet Bob, all New Year's celebrations on Bob are cancelled!?!:unsure: Poor fellow, he was just too high strung or was it too high and strung!?!:wacko:



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