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[VOTE] CN Person & Alliance of the Year


[VOTE] CN Person & Alliance of the Year   

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The nominations thread has put forth some interesting and surprising choices for the Person & Alliance of the Year.


The nominations also rightfully displayed that this is not a popularity contest, but an objective look at who/what "for better or for worse, has done the most to influence the events of the year."


The Person of the Year nominees have all been given reasons beside their name, but the Alliance of the Year nominees have not, as that's far more discernible on one's own than the former.


The poll will run until midnight on the 17th, after which, if there isn't a tie or the margin of victory isn't too tight, there will be a feature posted (with a nice Time-esque cover to boot) about 2017's Person and Alliance of the Year.


If there is a tie, or the margin of victory is too tight, a run-off vote will be held (for 72-hours, at most) between the top candidates.


So, please vote for who you think is the Person of the Year, and for what you think is the Alliance of the Year.  Voter's names are not public, but feel free to comment/discuss below about your choice and why you chose them.


Thanks for participating!

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21 hours ago, Lucius Optimus said:

This is actually kind of exciting 


I agree, it's pretty cool :) 


19 hours ago, Canik said:

I'm dumb. I missed the part in the nomination thread that gave the metric "who influenced game events".. going by that, Noctis is not my #1 choice. He is still up there tho, due to his involvement in so many things.


Read the instructions first, Canik :P 


18 hours ago, SirWilliam said:

Voted Methrage because I'm a sadist and look forward to his increasingly inflated ego if he wins.


Voted Kashmir shamelessly just because (on the real, we're probably one of the least influential alliances on that list and I'm ok with that).


Sadism at its finest lol.  And hey, everyone secretly wants to vote for their own AA.


Only a few more days until polls close, folks.  Vote now while you can!

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