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Live from:The Maroon Rehabilitation War Fronts

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Hello I'm live from the British Front and it's complete chaos currently. The coalition forces are pushing foward and closer to Liverpool yet as they push foward the more the Aevrum guerilla fighters raze there own land leaving nothing left. I am currently getting estimates that 750,000 to 1,000,000 coalition troops have been killed on this front alone. And we see that some coalition forces have recently liberated a concentration camp just 43 miles south of a Aevrum stronghold. Noticus,the leader of Aevrum,has stated that they will continue to fight using guerilla warfare tactics. On the Western coast of Britian there is a blockade which has began to starve the populace of Aevrum. Also the Coalition Air Force has annihilated the RHA Airforce which has allowed for mass bombings of cities and bases. This also means that many civilians have died in the war.Its estimated that around 50 thousand to 100 thousand civilians have been killed so far and more casualties are expected. Now we go to the Singaporean front were the Aevrum forces have actually managed to push back against the coalition forces. They have successfully captured Singapore and are pushing East through Coalition territory. Aevrum though lacking a Navy has repossessed civilian cruise liners and has commenced attacks on the islands west. Here the coalition have less forces and supplies since there main focus has been on blocking all Aevrum trade routes in Britian. Currently the Aevrum Air Force is stationed in Singapore and is currently commencing bombings against Coalition forces. Estimated death tolls on the Singapore front for the coalition forces has been into the hundreds of thousands. Aevrum forces are expected to conquer the islands within the next month. As always I'm Chet Ubetcha reporting live from the $%&@boi factory


Red lines represent area of fighting and border of Aevrum


here are some maps of the carnage



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You could say I'm Dimmadone with my life

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