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Messed and got back late. Found a note there waiting. It said, "Daddy, I just can't wait."

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Normally, in such a limited engagement as this, I'd throw our declaration in with that of one of our ally's (if I'd bother announcing it at all). I feel bad doing that to COBRA or TDB though so if for no other reason than for the sake of record-keeping I'm posting this here.


Kashmir technically remained at war with Aevrum from it's limited engagement during the Aevrum Campaign (the peace agreement of which we were not privy to). We reassert that a state of war exists between Kashmir and Aevrum.


Call it opportunistic (of which there's a sliver of truth given I held out because I didn't exactly feel like getting my teeth kicked in by NG and company again, thank you very much) but there's a bit more to it than that. Sir Kindle's recent harassing PM as well as Methrage's lies and slander in the previous conflict's peace thread are justification enough. The sanction I recently placed was symbolic (and deserved), the declaration practical.


Slots are few and far between but others in Kashmir may or may not enter down the line, either despite or because of our general policy of extreme indifference. Toodles!~


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