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Bet you didn't see this coming..


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Yes, it's a treaty in 2017 and it's a good one.



The Devils Brigade & Non Grata in the spirit of friendship and joint cooperation, hereby sign an Optional Defence and Optional Aggression Pact. 


Article I: Sovereignty
In recognition of each other's sovereignty, the signatories agree that they shall not interfere in the internal / external affairs of one another.


Article II: Non-Aggression
The signatories will refrain from any and all forms of hostile activity and aggression against one another, such as committing acts of espionage and the use of military force. 


Article III: Intelligence
Either signatory is expected to pass on any intelligence which pertains to the safety of the other, in a timely manner.


Article IV: Optional Defense and Aggression
If one signatory comes under assault from a hostile alliance, they may ask the other for military and/or economic assistance. The other signatory while not required, reserves the right to provide military aid and assistance as they see fit. 

If either signatory intends to undertake aggressive military action against a third-party, it shall communicate this information to the other promptly. The other is not obligated to provide military/economic support under these circumstances, but may do so if it wishes.


Article V: Cancellation
Once signed by the parties involved, this pact shall have full effect. Should either alliance wish to cancel this pact, a 72-hour notification must be given before the pact can be considered void.


Signed for Non Grata,


"Approved by Caustic" 


Signed for The Devils Brigade,


Jack Layton - Supreme Commander
Morphine - Liberator of Treblinka
Serberus - Minister of Internal Affairs

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