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My nation is now 4000 days old.


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Nation Created: 11/29/2006 4:49:24 PM (4,000 days old)


I never made a topic to celebrate any milestone before that, but I think this one deserves it since it's a big achievement, and I doubt that I'll reach 5000 days old.


I never thought that I would spend so much time playing CN when I first joined and even if I'm inactive nowadays I have good memories of playing CN in it's peak, besides that the game helped my english a lot, so I'm grateful for it.

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On 13/11/2017 at 12:52 PM, Master Hakai said:

French actress Claude Jade died on the day your nation was created, and her legacy lives on through you.

On that day, Allen Carr also died. He was the author of "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking", "The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently", "Allen Carr's Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking", "The Little Book of Quitting", "The Illustrated Easy Way to Stop Smoking" and "Allen Carr's How to be a Happy Non-smoker"....

I believe that the legacy of this versatile author lives on through D34ath.

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