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Don't look at Sparta like that!

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And now, another friendly announcement from your INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC OF ORANGE NATIONS


As we close in on the end of the round, it's time to show once more that the IRON Steam Roller is as ready as ever for the challenges before it. Today, the Roller found a lonely D1 roaming the streets of Steve. We have photo evidence of what happened shortly thereafter.




Long story short;


IRON activates it's Steam Roller on DEFCON1



IRON:TE Council

LordSunday - TE Councilor

MegaZeux - TE Councilor

Sister Midnight - TE Councilor


PS - Sorry for the short DoW with little thought, I'm currently studying for an exam I have tomorrow morning :P

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1 hour ago, bigwilly said:

What if Roman Empire join in on IRON's side ??

There must some miscommunication here cos I never asked Nlon to join forces, I said we'd prefer to focus on IRON alone. Reread my message but there'll be almost no war slors after we've declared all our wars. 

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IRON agrees to conclude the war by update tonight 11/8 - 11/9. It was fun to see some of the coordinated strikes going both ways. Best of luck for a swift rebuild to get back on your feet in time for the end-of-round wars.

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On 11/5/2017 at 3:06 AM, Rhizoctonia said:



That alone is comical, even more so with the warslot filling you've pulled taking UN slots.  

War slot filling is not allowed and against the game rules.

Please keep your accusations to the correct forum. Report if you feel the need.

Or maybe you want to clarify what you mean? Because your above statement holds no water. Seems like typical bad mouthing to me.

Continue to keep this crap up and I will report regardless of what AA you reside in.

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