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Official Surrender of The real Phoenix Federation


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On February 14th, 2016 The Phoenix Federation declared a forever war against NPO.


Well it feels like forever. TPF started with 26 nations and on our own AA.

Now we are at 3 active members and on an alternative AA because of something I screwed up on.

On this day October 16th, 2017  The real Phoenix Federation surrender to the 246 nations of NPO.  

Existing wars at the time of this announcement will continue until expiration.


Great fight all!!!




Signed for TPF:


Evil Overlord: the bringer of all that is evil and those that fear to say his name, his holiness.


Signed for NPO:

Lord of Darkness,

Emperor of the New Pacific Order

Prophet of Orion

Shadow of the Order


Jesse End,

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order

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Most of the people who jump off bridges come to regret their decision at some point.


I'm glad you've found a motivation to keep living that's more... constructive.


One can still hope that the damage isn't total and permanent.

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