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Ivan Salazar

Salazarstani and Annaban war

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All was quite in Salazarstan as salazarstani men and women recovered from the last few wars that they had suffered, Ivan had a plan to restore his nation ten fold until an new enemy ermeged  which compeletly caught salazarstan by surrpise and as useal salazarstan was unable to mount a defenseive counter attack. for days the enemy bombed the nation and occupied the Island nation but now Salazarstani men and woman are fighting back and driving the enemy back.


there inspration a statue of the Goddess of Pacifica was destoyed and defiled, with this salazarstani men and woman have joined up with the Pacifican resitance and together they have mount a suprise attack driving the enemy from the south of serpentine towards the sea.





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Maelstrom dipped a talon in ink and wrote a letter,

Dear brothers and sisters,

Congratulations on your victory over the offenders of Lady Pacifica. You have made your comrades proud.

Her Wrath Incarnate.

It was then delivered by an Imperial courier to Ivan Salazar

Edited by Maelstrom Vortex

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