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Total Reform

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Charter Preamble

Total Reform is an alliance (Heretofore referred as "the Alliance") dedicated to the supreme health of membership. It is a necessary mix of liberty, emancipation, but also of competition and strife. There are expectations on both members and the alliance toward being an inseparable good.

The Alliance is dedicated to efficiency and participation with the meanest limitation. This is best achieved by refined liberty, of which there are two kinds: Negative liberty is the right to be left alone in good conscience. Positive liberty is the collective affair of what is made together. Between these conduct and requirement are established.



Total Reform is an alliance born from a survey of the eclectic traditions of this world and was created due to inability to continue with the decay of representative democratic alliances. Many democratic aspects have remained such as open membership and broad pathway to leadership. Aspects that lead to social dementia have given way to a demandingly inclusive regime. Unlike many democracies, we do not permit distant political leadership, nor negligence among the membership.


Members failing to meet their minimum obligation will be removed. It is part of the alliance culture for each member to be economically active and war capable. The life of the alliance revolves about efficiently enabling and achieving these result. There is no expense nor effort spared in assisting new players to meet objective. There are well defined military requirements, plenty of educational resources, and a command economy.


The alliance has minimum period of 3 months and meeting standard to articulate to full membership.


A council is elected from among the membership and is responsible for setting, implementing, and to carry out the agenda of the alliance.


We strive to be inclusive, innovative, and maintain alliance integrity.


If you are at all interested to learn more or join, visit www.total-reform.online

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Totalitarianism under Enfranchisement and the Golden ratio.

Our first recruit to have obtained a Manhattan Project, just did.


We continue to look out for dedicated beginners.

We also desire for older nations to join the community, fund more beginners, and ramp up our social experiment.

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