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Independent Republic of Orange Nations (DoE)

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Many years ago, on Planet Bob an alliance rose in the Orange Sphere where none had stood before - the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, or IRON. Over the next 10 years, IRON has emerged to become one of the most dominant groups on Bob, full of the planet's fiercest warriors.
Recently, some of these warriors transversed the pixel-plane and landed reborn and anew on a familiar, yet strange planet. After arriving, they learned the name of this planet was Steve, a close relative of Bob governed by similar yet different laws.
These IRON-blooded warriors have spent many rounds hidden among the ranks of other alliances, learning more and more about Steve and how to be successful. Now, these warriors intend to return, but they are not alone. This time, they shall walk Planet Steve carrying high the banner of IRON, and they shall water the ground of their nations' with their enemies' blood.

The Independent Republic of Orange Nations hereby announces its existence on Planet Steve

TE Council:

President/Minister of Foreign Affairs - LordSunday
Minister of Defense/Minister of Economics - Talus
Senator/Minister of Internal Affairs - Sister Midnight


Note: The politics expressed by IRON in TE does not reflect the political views of IRON in SE, the same as IRON politics in SE do not reflect the political views of IRON in TE. Though both parties contain similar memberships, the two entities should be viewed differently as both exist to serve different functions and agendas.

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Yeah, Seems Lordysomeone had their feelers out strolling thru D1 this last round.  Anyways you sure got my HiredGun all worked up!  This should be a good fighting round ahead!


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