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The Emperors Decree

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International News reporter: " The world was taken by storm this morning when a new country sprang up, it's Emperor a Twenty three year old calling himself Atlas. The new country Lissia, now only a mere 20 hours old, has already gained its first 45 soldier army. The first public comment was ' It is our duty to fight the current world threat. We hope that our neighbors join us in our battle to stop tyranny, and create a better world'. I turn now to the live feed of the border entrance, where the delegations from several other countries now meet, awaiting entrance, and the ability to meet with the new leader. Tom?"


Tom-reporter: " Thank you, for that fill in of information. As you can see it is an absolute madhouse here. I now approach one of the Diplomatic delegation from one of the other new countries in the attempt to further understand what's begun happening. Sir! Yes you sir! What do you feel about this new nation cropping up overnight? What do you think this will accomplish?"

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