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Da BIG Boss

Pokémon League on Showdown?

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Hey everyone!  I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in creating a sort of Pokémon League over at http://play.pokemonshowdown.com!  We'd be a league with 8 OU gym leaders (may be challenged in any order), an Uber elite four (may be challenged in any order after beating all gym leaders), and an Uber champion (first to be crowned after they beat the elite four - subsequent champions to be crowned after beating sitting champ).  I propose the following be our specialty chart on who can use what type:


Team color - Specialty type(s)


Green - Grass/Bug

Orange - Fire

Blue - Water

Brown - Rock/Ground

Aqua - Ice

White - Flying

Pink - Psychic/Fairy

Purple - Poison/Ghost

Black - Dark

Red - Fighting

Maroon - Dragon

Yellow - Electric

Gray - Normal/Steel


I also propose that a $6m/100 tech aid package be awarded to the ascending champion by the person who lost their title.  Who's in?

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