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UCR/Aevum Treaty Announcement

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Union of Communist Republics and Aevum

The Union of Communist Republics (UCR) and Aevum hereby sign this Optional Defense or Aggression Pact in order to show their trust and recognition in each other.


Article I: Internal Conflict:
No comrade of either the Aevum or UCR shall ever commit an act of aggression toward each other. Any attacks by rogue nations will be punished as seen fit by the responsible signatory (or by a council of both alliances if such a request is made). Both alliances retain their sovereignty and remain free to conduct themselves as they see fit with other alliances on Planet Bob.


Article II: Respect:
Both signatories agree to remain civil to each other at all times in public and in private. Any disputes between UCR and Aevum should be first handled in private channels.


Article III: Intelligence:
We will share secrets important for each other's safety and we agree that secrets stay secrets. No telling to 3d parties without previous approval. Both alliance will share a forum for communication as well.


Article IV: Defense and Aggression:
If either the UCR or Aevum is attacked, the other may, at their discretion, come to their aid. Likewise, should one signatory find itself in an aggressive war, the other may opt to engage in war with them. 


Article V: Free Trade Agreement
Both the Aevum and UCR agree to henceforth open all channels of trade to each others respective alliances. This includes Tech Dealing in pre arranged prices, common Trade Circles building, Foreign Aid and everything we forgot to mention here.


Article VI: Protection Against Trade Abuse
In the event of a Tech Deal or Trade Circle conflict, Aevum and UCR will deal with the issue effectively and in a fair manner; befitting of allies.

Article VII: Cancellation:
This treaty may be annulled at any time by either alliance. Should the need to annul occur, the cancelling alliance must give a 72 hour notice of their intention to cancel via private channels and a legitimate reason of why they have chosen this option. The treaty will remain in effect until the 72 hour period has elapsed

Signed for the Union of Communist Republics:

mrmarx, Premier
TheRedSoviet, Commissar of Internal Affairs
Blaist Blaland, Commissar of Defense
ComradeV, Commissar of Foreign Affairs


Signed for Aevum:
Noctis Lucis Caelum, King

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UCR have remained good friends throughout my dealings with them as MoFA for PoSSE, then King of Aevrum; as well as me forming Aevum after that. When allies are based on friendship, they tend to remain allies despite any name changes.


Its nice to see this made official, even if I never considered it to have stopped being effective in spirit.

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4 hours ago, Neo Uruk said:

methrage is pretty strictly authoritarian and to the right despite his claims lmao

I'm not authoritarian, its just an alliance is most effective if it has a leader. I'm opposed to sanctions on principle and think all nations should be able to trade freely for example; regardless of whether its the right of my enemies or friends to freely trade with whoever they want.


Also I many of those who identify with the Left & Libertarians have more in common than they realize; with both realizing there is something wrong with system. Where so few have so much power over so many. Libertarians tend to focus on government regulations & laws which restrict freedom as the main means those in power exert their will upon others, while those on the left focus more on our debt based monetary system as how those in power exert their control over the masses.


When the Federal Reserve prints infinite money in order to deflate our currency & give it to the banks so they can loan it out at absurd interest rates to the masses; they're pretty much stealing money from those who have saved up a large amount of cash honestly; who's life savings are suddenly made near worthless if they're not constantly investing it in order to make more money; so they can keep up with inflation. A more fair system would include a universal basic income, so that money meant to stimulate the economy at the cost of reducing the value of what money people have, is given directly to the people instead of people needing to borrow it from the banks at high interest rates.


So whether its taxes, intentional inflation of currency or the high interest rates people get stuck paying off; all of them are ways the government & special interest groups excerpt their control over the population. I've spoke to people who say they are communist, then when I explain Libertarianism to them; they say they are a Libertarian.


So I view this an alliance of ideologies, which has similar goals in wanting an end to a rigged system; although just focus mainly on different ways those in power exert their power. So while I consider myself a Libertarian (Which I don't consider to be left or right ideology, rather a pro-freedom ideology); an economy rigged with our money supply being controlled by banks who seek to enslave people with unpayable debt isn't a freedom based system at all. If somebody other than the Federal Reserve creates a silver or gold based currency; the government will shut them down and seize their assets; since the government doesn't like competition.


I think ignoring burdensome regulations and laws which restrict freedom is a mistake, however I also think ignoring the power given to the Federal Reserve and Banks over how people live their lives is also a mistake. Both are ways in which individuals are prevented from living their lives freely, as they see fit. The hidden taxation levied upon everyone through inflation is also theft & makes it near impossible for those in the lower income brackets to ever save up enough money to get ahead.


Left and Right I consider largely meaningless labels; with very unclear meanings attached. 


Although the Philosopher who came up with Agorism and New Libertarian Manifesto; described it as a form left-Libertarianism; although the reality is it advocates a free society. I agree with Agorism, even if think the terms left and right have both been used by those who just want power over others; making me consider the label left or right not to say much about somebodies real views. Some who say they're right are pro-freedom and others anti-freedom. The same applies to many who say they are on the left.


I choose the side of Liberty for everyone, over just picking a direction to label myself as due to there being those I disagree with who label themselves as being in the other direction. So if left is used to mean in opposition to those who favor a big government, a lot of police, with those in power forcing laws which violate the Non Aggression Principle upon the masses; then I could be seen as on the left if one needs to choose a direction. However if right is used to mean in opposition to those who favor a completely government run economy, who also favor big government, a lot of police; with those in power forcing laws which violate the Non Aggression Principle on people; then I could be seen as on the left if one needs to choose direction. So I just consider myself pro-Liberty instead of a random direction with many meanings attached for different people.

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