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House Stark Joins the New Order of the Ages

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House Stark Joins the New Order of the Ages


Comrades, friends and denizens of Westeros,


Since the inception of Oculus almost two years ago no new houses have joined. It is now time for that to change with the admission of the next house.


Today we welcome the New Polar Order into the brotherhood of Oculus. We look forward to working closer together with you.


Winter is coming.


Signed for Oculus,

The Senate and People


Signed for the New Polar Order,

EaTeMuP - Emperor
Almighty Grub - Imperial Regent and Imperator Emeritus
HannaH - Minister of Truth
blue sam3 - Minister of Plenty
Terminator - Minister of Peace
Quantum Leap - Minister of Love
bdmon75 - Deputy Minister of Plenty
Mindbraker - Deputy Minister of Peace
Emperor Jason - Imperial Advisor

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I had something great to say.. But seeing as I'm not drunk enough yet. I'll return in a few hours and post it. Until then, I'm Kilo, your designated punching bag. Congrats.

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