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Cenk Uygur

NADC Government for 2017/3

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Recently, the North Atlantic Defense Coalition conducted elections for the third term of 2017. I was duly elected Secretary General.


It has been over two years since I was last leader of this fine alliance. I look forward to all the challenges that are involved in leading it once more.


I am pleased to announce the alliance’s government for the third term of 2017.



Secretary General – Aurelius 

Deputy Secretary General – Chunky Monkey

Internal Affairs MinisterChunky Monkey
Deputy Internal Affairs MinisterJustinian the Mighty

Foreign Affairs MinisterAurelius
Deputy Foreign Affairs MinisterEdward Reed


Military Operations CommanderO0OO00

Finance MinisterGandorian
Deputy Finance MinisterScotia the Brave
Deputy Finance MinisterTheAmericanRepublic

Education MinisterGreyOps


I look forward to a productive term with this team.




Secretary General

Edited by Cenk Uygur

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Congratulations on successfully moving back to the Blue sphere!


Congratulations on successful elections! Good luck to this government! ;)

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Good stuff guys! But nice try in tryin to get me back you almost had me! ❤️

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5 hours ago, Captain Enema said:

This election was won by vicious camel mountings and fake news. #CAMELBUTTHOLESMATTER

The camels had it coming.

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