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Alpha Wolves Announcements

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Alpha Wolves Announcements  




We have a couple quick announcements, I won’t be too wordy.


  • AW & ISX have enjoyed months of cooperation together but due to different FA directions the Alpha Wolves have activated article V of the Space Wolves II pact. AW and ISX remain in good standing with each other.

  • We recently appointed a new Minister of Defense and other duties as assigned/taken on!  We welcome Stonewall14 to the Alpha Wolves! He has been a great help and long time friend of the Alpha Wolves, even as he kicked us around in the Doom War.

  • The Wolves continue to recover from the Sparta/NpO conflict (is there a name for this yet) and are continuing to expand. We hope to see a lot of changes in the future internally and externally, so stay tuned! 


Signed for Alpha Wolves,
- Malakarlian- Alpha Wolf that is "Winning"

- Al Bundy- Beta Wolf / Black Team Women’s Shoe Salesman

- Ricrast- Delta Wolf / Recruiting King

- Stonewall14- Harbinger of Doom/ MoD

-Airindale- Military Advisor / Frozen Lord

- and remaining Alpha Wolf Council

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29 minutes ago, Immortan Junka said:

Sometimes politics can't be helped, but we are still glad to have helped AW with rebuilding aid as well as diplomatic assistance in the past. Best wishes to Al and Stonewall14 in the future.

It was greatly appreciated and we won t forget the help!



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