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The Valyrian Wolves Accords


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The Valyrian Wolves Accords

I. A Wolf and a Valyrian Walk into a Bar

The Freehold and The Fellowship of The Wolves are friends, and we will maintain peace between our alliances.

II. Nose to the Ground and Eye to the Horizon

We will inform one another of intelligence gathered about the other.

III. Do Wolves Use Denars?

Tech deals, trade circles, and other forms of financial aid may be arranged.

IV. A Valyrian Cried Wolf, and A Wolf Cried Valyrian

If we decide we'd rather give this thing the ol' ax (or sword, whatever), we'll give the other a 72-hour head's up in a proper diplomatic channel.

Signed, June 22nd, 2017,

Signed for Fellowship of The Wolves,
- Alpha Canik


Signed for The Freehold:


Maegor -- Diadoch

DaarioNaharis -- Dragonlord of Military Affairs

Rocket23 -- Dragonlord of Internal Affairs

Defiance -- Dragonlord of Foreign Affairs

Edited by Maegor
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