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Aevrum/Argent PIAT

This Peace, Intelligence, and Aid treaty is between the alliances of Aevrum and Argent, in the spirit of friendship and cooperation.

Article I: Peace
The signatories of this treaty agree not to conduct any acts of warfare, espionage, or any other acts of violence against the other. If this happens, the signatories shall handle the situation properly and maturely.
Article II: Intelligence
In the event that one signatory gains intelligence on the other that could be vital to their security, they agree to share that intelligence with each other.
Article III: Aid
At any time, a signatory of this treaty may ask for aid from the other. Although the other signatory has the option to refuse the aid, it is recommended that they send the aid as soon as possible.
Article IV: Termination
This treaty may be cancelled by either party with 72 hours advanced notice to the other through private channels. Article I stays in effect for an additional 7 days after the treaty is cancelled.


Signed for Aevrum,

Noctis Lucis Caelum, King  ~~~~~~~  pjk11, Archon

Signed for Argent,

Lowsten, the Great and Powerful Emperor

trimm, Regent

Janax, Communications Minister

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