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A Joint Announcement from NpO, Fark, MHA, and Alpha Wolves

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The Alpha Wolves have reached out, and an agreement has been reached between them, the New Polar Order, Fark, and Mostly Harmless Alliance.  The Alpha Wolves will…

1. Refrain from providing military, financial, or any other form of assistance to any combatant for the duration of the ongoing conflicts. This includes any member of Alpha Wolves still at war or any member of Sparta engaged in war or not.
2. Current wars between Alpha Wolves and members of the New Polar Order, Fark, and Mostly Harmless Alliance will continue until they expire, or the individual nations agree to peace.

Signed for the New Polar Order
EaTeMuP - Emperor
HannaH - Minister of Truth
Emperor Jason - Minister of Peace
QuantumLeap - Minister of Love
Terminator - Deputy Minister of Peace
bdmon75 - Deputy Minister of Plenty

Signed for Fark
182 Submitter
Arcane - Speaker of the TF Council,
TF Council : BozDaBoz, Yak, 905, Decide R Inchief

Signed for Mostly Harmless Alliance
Jesbro, Scorpio, jalap, MHA triumvirs.

Signed for Alpha Wolves
Malakarlian – Alpha Wolf
Al Bundy –Beta Wolf
The Alpha Wolf Council

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Thank all who provided support throughout this conflict.


NpO was very respectful in this agreement, and I appreciate the kindness...


2 months, 3 days and 276 wars later the Alpha Wolves take some time off.


Now we will rebuild!


Al Bundy



Edited by AL Bundy
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Thank you for your assistance, Wolves, and congratulations on peace. You continue to be the most outstanding friends and allies that an alliance can hope for. o/

Edited by Cazaric
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It is nice to see an alliance that has both honor and is capable even against great odds.  You entered a losing war as a smaller alliance and did yourself proud.  While it took a heavy toll on you, you stayed in the fight and proved a worthy foe.  Well done.  Good luck rebuilding. The Bad man salutes you.   

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