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Special Announcement from the Complaints and Grievances Union

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It is with great pride that the Complaints and Grievances bloc welcomes out newest brother, SLAP.  CnG is one of the oldest blocs on bob, and we have managed to last for as long as we have by building our alliance on a foundation of trust and brotherhood as opposed to any single political goal.  When looking for a new member, we search for someone who we know will have our back through thick and thin no matter what.  CnG has been through tough wars and tough times together.  We've seen honored members come and go as the planet shifts around us.  But our bloc has endured through all this turmoil by a firm commitment to each other and our ideals.


We are lucky to have found this sort of alliance in SLAP.  Words are cheap, and anyone can SAY they will put friends before infra.  But SLAP, over many years and countless wars, has lived up to this standard and demonstrated it with actions, as well as words.  In many ways, this announcement is just a formality, making official a relationship that has existed for some time in spirit.


Welcome to CnG SLAP.


For the Orange Defense Network:

Bucovina, Secretary General
Peonn, Assistant Secretary General
OsRavan, Secretary of Defense
Franziskaner, Secretary of Interior
Nikolay, Secretary of State
Senate LXXVI:
Cashua, Dr. Hrmmm, Exalted, Hawspiper, Soccerbum
For TLR:
The Triumvirate of TLR
For Global Alliance and Treaty Orginization:
Crv24, Assembly Chairman
Alexio15, Deputy Assembly Chairman
Overlord Wes, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Diomedes, Minister of Defense
Sir Kiloist, Minister of Finance
Armen17, Minister of Domestic Affairs
General Assembly of GATO


For Sovereign League of Armed Powers:
Banned, The Blood God
Supreme Emperor Daeg, The Hand that Opens
eviljak, The Hand that Fights
Devialance, The Hand that Feeds
claude, The Hand that Guides


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