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Pax Corvorum


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The Children of the Morrighan, AGW Overlords, and the Hillbilly Coalition surrender to the forces of SLAP, Umbrella, The Dark Templar, Viridian Entente and New Polar Order. CoTM will refrain from providing military, financial, or any other form of assistance to any combatant during the on going conflicts. Current wars between the belligerent alliances will continue until they expire or the individual nations agree to peace.



For the Children of the Morrighan:

The Morrighan - Cerridwyn of Greenpeace


The Morrigu:

The Battle Crow - Randalla of the HieLands Macha,

The Hearth of Home - BigKif of Kifland Nemain,

The Great Bender - ConRed of The Crimson Republic


For The Hillbilly Coalition:

President : Rattlehead

Vice President : Shavar

Director of Internal Affairs : AtomIkZ

Director of Military : Thom98

For AGW Overlords: Unruly of Republique de Buja





Signed for Sovereign League of Armed Powers,


The Blood God - Banned

The hand that opens - Supreme Emperor Daeg

The hand that fights - Eviljak

The hand that feeds - Javier360

The hand that guides - claude


Signed for The Dark Templar, 
Terrence Krillins



Signed for the New Polar Order,


EateMUp, Emperor


Signed for Umbrella, 



Signed for the Viridian Entente,


Supreme 142, Lord of the Viridian Entente

Austrailia, Duke of the Entente

Azure, Secretary of Defense

Blkandwhtlion, Secretary of Economics



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