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25 minutes ago, Immortan Junka said:

SNX had alot of fun light-hearted people like Skynrd until opportunistic bullies drove them from this world. There's only one way to turn a liberal multi-branch democracy into a military regime, and it's nothing I did.


Sweet home Alabama.

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8 hours ago, Immortan Junka said:

Footage of Mogar's attacks against the Imperium:




I'd be careful. Heavy losses yet they still won the battle and eventually the war.

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*Slowly opens one layer of eyelids, then the next, pupil focuses on the ruckus in on the forum.. then slowly yawns and speaks.*


Yes, but if Mogar didn't whine and document lawyer, Immortan didn't periodically emphasize membership over codexes, Hero didn't troll,Buscemi weren't feigning shock over Mogar's document lawyering in the present environment, and an old Dragon didn't pop in to observe the silliness of the two legged beings that staggered around him beating on each other like frivolous school children who never did grow up..


Where would this community discussion be but a hollow empty void of non-commentary?


*Rolls over creating a minor earthquake as he shifts his weight upon the tectonic plate and slowly goes back to sleep.*

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At least some people are posting and trying to put a breath of life into this place. Some people are old school and prefer this method of communication rather than "going voice" (none of you will understand that).

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