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Umbrella's aren't for use in the SUN


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o/ SLAP We coming too Boss! o7 Actually we're all tied up atm but all defensive slots in The A Team are open and we DoW on SUN...:ph34r::P Molon Labe!

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I'll be out of anarchy on the 15th to say hi to some buddies in sun. Goodluck, but not too much, because we want to win still.


o/ sun


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1 hour ago, Subtleknifewielder said:

Wanna know the best thing about the SUN? It's still there no matter how much shade you cast, heheh.


In all seriousness, looking forward to the action!

We do not plan to shade, we plan to slap the sun :P

Good luck in the fight SUN, may you rise once more :)

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