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What should this war be called?


What should this war be called?  

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Interested on getting opinions on what this war should be called. Personally not of the fan of the current "official" name; "Maroon Dominance War", which I find both less interesting than other names, and see as something no one on my side of the conflict would actually use.


What I see as the merits of each option:


  • Holy S*** War; names for the alliances hit in the initial DoW (GOD and CRAP) really like it, but unfortunately has to be censored in some contexts, which makes it worse to work with.
  • One Big Angry Family War; like this one as well, based on the recently cancelled "One Big Happy Family Accords", has the abbreviation that (IMO) works best: OBAF War. If you like it but would prefer another word to "angry" with something else.
  • Maroon Dominance War; already mentioned why I am not a fan, also the logical abbreviation is; "MD War", which sounds like it is referring to treaties, which would be misleading.
  • Maroonity War; sounds cooler than the above option, but not many other merits IMO
  • Chestnut-M3D War; descriptive and to the point, biggest issue is if people say CA(Chestnut Accords)-M3D War, many will think of Confederatio Aesir.


Happy to add other options if people like them.

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The war was declared because it was about Non Grata, Nordreich and The Last Remnants wanted to rid CRAP and GOD off Maroon. Thus, Maroon Dominance War is a valid name for this war. It is highly unlikely people will be confused because of the acronym, as that would be assuming that they are unable to tell the difference between a treaty type (which is a MDP) and a war name.

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