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Imperial Decree from the New Parasol Order

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In support of our ally Non Grata, the New Pacific Order and Umbrella hereby declare war on Old Guard.


We wish Old Guard the best of luck and look forward to glowing green with you.


Signed for the New Pacific Order,


Lord of Darkness,
Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Prophet of Orion
Shadow of the Order


Jesse End,
Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order


Dan100, Gumpper, & Nemphesis
Imperial Officers of the New Pacific Order


Signed for Umbrella,


Roquentin, President
JoshuaR, Senator
Natan, [`_`]
Domisi, Generator
Majik, :majik:
Auctor, Crab

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2 minutes ago, Mogar said:

We don't live in a world with honor anymore, you should know that by now.


I don't find that to be true...Non Grata felt that even though Nordreich had like a 4 to 1 advantage that they should defend their friends - hard not to respect the sentiment. Calling in some large alliances completely unrelated to the conflict to counter a 15 nation alliance is a bit over the top but it is not really a surprise.


460ish vs 15 are rather long odds I guess.



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