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A Statement on Mountain Safety

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Although you might look at the soldiers of Nordreich, The Last Remnants, and Non Grata fighting in the mountains of CRAP and think the area seems quite picturesque, we feel it is our responsibility per The Mountain Compact to war them that mountains can be very hazardous. In particular, we emphasize the importance of quickly reporting to the nearest safety authorities should they notice any signs of Avalanche conditions in the area. Remember, safety is everyone's responsibility!


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This is an actual image of TLR hearing about this:



Welcome to the fight Avalanche.  This isn't our first war you know.  Even back before we were old enough to fight we fought the war on the home front.  You remember old Morris Filbert who lived down by the hardware store?  Back during the first great war we used to walk around the neighborhood collecting scrap for the war effort.  Everyone had a war garden.  We could only get tomato seeds that last year.  I still can't stand the site of a tomato to this day.  Morris used to bring old scraps of bread from his family's deli for me.  He was a good friend.  His son went into advertising, but then died of the sugar diabetes.  It was sad.  But that's the way we were back then.  Nobody was afraid to work.  Not like these kids today with their boombox radios and those phone gadgets.  You can't even make a call on those things.  What ever happened to radio?  You remind me of my grandson.  Thanks for visiting Billy.

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