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Blackwater Union, rebel attack!

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Blackwater Union Federal Press

    Today at 11:30 P.M. MT, the city of Salt Lake, Utah, erupted in a massive ground conflict between Federal troops, and a rebel group supposedly enraged over our recent border closings. The response of our government was that of a massive strike by our Federal soldiers of the Riverton Nation Guard base, Camp Williams. The air force was not deployed due to the number of possible civilian casualties, but we are being told that the 500 soldiers sent, they were supported by our 5 remaining armor units, that were decommissioned shortly after the assault. 

   Our troops have taken the Salt Lake Airport as our new headquarters. We are being told, that this will be the new location of our primary governments, and its' officials, effectively becoming our new national capitol. This is great news, it is located near many natural resources that are now under our sphere of influence which is roughly 510 miles, but it is growing every day and this is good. 

   In conclusion, after only mere hours of combat, the dissidents have been culled and Salt Lake is firmly back under the control of the Federals. What does this all mean for us? Harsher curfews? Having more of our civil liberties suspended in the name of security? We shall see in the coming weeks what new policies the Houses lay out.


As always reported to us from the office of the Commander in Chief, Navezgane.

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