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Of Cats and Coils - a Steve Irwin treaty


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Of Cats and Coils- ODoAP
 Presented by Steve Irwin. if you dont know him google it.
In times of doubt, trust a feline to be your pal! You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours (ouch).
Apocalypse Meow and COBRA hereby sign this Optional Defense Pact in mutual agreement.
Terms of Endearment-
Should either party find themselves in need of a helping hand, the other shall join at their own discretion. 
Foreign aid, military contributions, diplomatic intervention; these are all acceptable and shall be accordingly employed should the need arise.
Both parties agree to work together to foster economic prosperity and work together physically and practically to improve our overall economic stability as friends and allies. 
Both parties agree to protect the interests of the other in good faith and solidarity and to maintain communication channels to assure clarity and comfort in both times of peace and war. In the event of communication breakdown, we ask that the dilinquent party writes a haiku on the virtues of communication.

The final clause is unwritten and will cause heavy speculation amongst many, but not us... we know what it is but secretly so nobody knows where it is to even start speculating.

Signatures for AM:
Lord Darrin, Commandant
Nord Belka, Sergeant Major

Signatures for COBRA:
-General Kanabis, King Cobra.
-Lord Grimsin, Kuzar, Caspase, Kralot; The COBRA Royal Guard.

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2 minutes ago, Razgriz24 said:

This is a brave and glorious new world we will venture in together!


If there is two friends you want in the jungle, it's snakes and cats.. to make them your enemy would mean certain death.

not sure why a cat would be in a jungle unless its like a jaguar or panther..but none the less..

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Just now, LordDarrin said:

not sure why a cat would be in a jungle unless its like a jaguar or panther..but none the less..


Why wouldnt it be? I am not sure why you would even say that... to suggest that their is one superior cat over another. I am triggered.

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