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새로운 길, Babe we got temples to build

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That be freal

There was still much of this world we have not explained, notably the fates of Mediterranean and Atlantic regions. Christianity had long since maintained a a firm hold over the Italian peninsula, and eventually the papal states style of government had returned but with it a significantly more ambitious pope than had existed for nearly a millennia. Taking the name Pope Zachary II, he spent his thirty six year reign working with the surrounding regions to expand the reach of the papacy's influence over the surrounding Mediterranean, with Christianity pushing back across the Bosporus, and with it Byzantium rising from history to retake their territory similar to that of 1095. However, in order to receive the pope's blessing, the Eastern Orthodox Emperor was coerced into declaring Constantinople an international city, free for all to worship whatever god they wished, in order to ensure there would be limited backlash from the muslim minority that made up nearly half of the Asian side of the strait. It is believed this move was done as a test and its success served as a rather pragmatic decision that likely advanced his later achievements. Additionally he was the first sitting pope to meet with Islamic religious leaders since Pope Francis over a century ago, gradually leading to the closest the three monotheistic religions had been since their shared birth several millennia ago. While Jerusalem was still held by Israel, Constantinople's gesture and the gradual decline of terrorism and Islamic aggression allowed Israel to take a similar action. They would begin maintaining the territory as international, but still under Israeli military security.

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