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I. Nations of Anarchy is an freedom-oriented club who believe in Anarchy and Freedom. 


II. Full Members get equal vote on club activities. All Club activities which violate the Non-Aggression Principle or put us at risk requires a vote. If a member violates our trust and principles, theor punishment is put to a vote.


III. Members agree to resolve conflicts with other members internally.


IV. Prospectso can become full voting members with unanimous support from other full members.


V. Organization


Vice President













All who can see the law is tyranny and we need change can join. Anarchists of all types, Agorist, III Percenter, 1 Percenter, Libertarian of all types, Anarchist Hackers, Preppers, Gun Nuts, we have a lot in common. Doesn't matter your nation size or past conflicts we'very had. It's in the past, we are a club of people networking to debate and share view points, advice, gun advice, where we can enjoy the most freedom. If some big nations join to bank roll our growth, then we will grow faster and turn at least one color fully Libertarian. It is through gaining power we can spread Libertarianism, but most of all we are a social club who's nations are just a tool to spread Libertarianism to the masses.


When we reach 5 members, I will setup a professional forum with no ads.

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