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A minor clerical note


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Eye Teeth, née: Alex The Great, has come out... as a spy (spy and proud he says it loud). During his time undercover he tipped off President Hardin about our impending attack on Monsters University and recently posted an upcoming charter to Cntel. In other words, he has accomplished a great deal!


Needless to say, the actions he undertook while on our AA - specifically, his declarations against Apocalypse Meow, Varangian Guard, and Supernova X - are of his own doing and do not represent Kashmir.



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Thank you for the clarification, I knew Kashmir wouldn't sneak attack us with only one nation unless that nation was yolo... That guy can take down a brigade with just a toothpick from what I heard.


We recognize a state of war with all ATGs and Hardins out there, anyone who spots one should attack on sight.


This is Operation Meowing Thunder: Redux

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2 hours ago, President Hardin said:

In defense of an innocent alliance member being attacked for no reason I recognize war with sirwilliam in my last few days on this wretched planet. 


>Alex The Great spies on Kashmir

>Alex The Great attacks Kashmir's allies and friends

>Alex The Great is an innocent alliance member


That right there, folks, is what we call !@#$ for brains.  :)

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