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FTW Announcement

The Wolves happened upon a young alliance named G.R.E.A.T. a few months ago.
FTW's Beta, The Dark Lord Sauron, worked hard to establish a trade deal with them and offered to share our knowledge & experience with them. We could tell they were good people and we were excited to have found new friends. We are sad to say G.R.E.A.T. decided to disband but we are very happy to say they also decided to join Fellowship of The Wolves. They are a fine addition to our alliance and already they feel like brothers.

Welcome -

We also had an individual nation join us just due to his name being so fitting with ours. A surprising amount of people do have wolf-related names, they all should join FTW. :D
He too has been a fine addition to our alliance and already feels like a brother. Very happy he decided to join us. Thanks to him, G.R.E.A.T. and other new members the Fellowship looks to remain strong for years to come.

FTW has been allies with NEW for a very long time. We stood by them through tough times early in their history and they repaid us by being a stalwart ally, fighting for us quite a few times. Winning or losing. However through the years our governments have changed dramatically. Communication has been non-existent for a long time now. We continued to do what we could politically to protect NEW but with the lack of communication and the apparent lack of mutual goals it is just not sustainable any more.

Therefor FTW officially voids it's treaty with NEW.

We will still have a soft spot in our hearts for NEW. We hope SPATR will sue for peace soon so that anyone in NEW who wants to continue and grow again will have the chance to do so. We wish NEW all the best going forward and thank them for the many years of friendship.

- Alpha Canik

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6 hours ago, Roal36 said:

I was late when I approached GREAT. :( FTW beat me to them by a good margin. Good choice in joining FTW. Stay active GREAT.


Hello Roal! We appreciated the interest you had in our small band of nations though. I was fortunate enough to have created a good business agreement with FTW from the very birth of our Alliance. We had deemed it beneficial for both of us to make the move. 

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