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The Longboat Accords


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The Varangian Guard (VaG) hereby agrees to be the official, exclusive protector of the Joint Defence Alliance (JDA). Both signatories understand that the other is a sovereign alliance that will not be infringed upon.


Should the Joint Defence Alliance ever find itself under unprovoked attack, the Varangian Guard will use whatever abilities they may have to protect the Joint Defence Alliance. This is not limited to political, financial or military assistance.

While not required, if the Varangian Guard finds itself under attack, the Joint Defence Alliance is encouraged to join the party if they are in a position to help.


The Varangian Guard will assist the Joint Defence Alliance with tech deals and trade circles if needed. They will make their vast guides, and knowledgeable members available to the Joint Defence Alliance. 




The Joint Defence Alliance hereby agrees to provide adequate defense of their alliance by focusing on military growth and wonders, if needed with the help of the Varangian Guard.


Cancellation or Upgrade:


All good things must come to an end. If either party decides this is no longer the right decision for their alliance, they must provide 48 hours notice to each other. 


Signed for the Varangian Guard,


Jack Layton, Hilmir
King Conrad, Fylkir
Morphinel, Formælandi
Tournevald, Gildisbrœðr


Signed for the Joint Defence Alliance (JDA),


Admiral Rank OF9 - Oyger
Vice Admiral Rank OF8 - Gramstad
Counter Admiral Rank OF7 - Jompa

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2 hours ago, Blackatron said:

Seems NG didn't get the memo.

Well, the first NG guy who attacked was before the protectorate deal became official. He offered peace right away.

The second guy most likely just saw his alliance mate attacking and figured it was okay. Im sure itll be sorted out in due time.

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