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DCS Declaration

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The 4th Thursday of November in the United State we celebrate Thanksgiving.


It is a time to reflect and be thankful of the blessing we all enjoy.  


We come together with family and friends, and have a feast of turkey with all the fixing, desserts of pumpkin pies



Many do not know that Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the National bird instead of the Bald Eagle


I am thankful that did not happen


DCS would like to wish each of you in our TE family, good health and that you have a wonderful Holiday 


Here is what will happen at the Coyote House




Me with the wife and girl friend


th?id=OIP.M44b38630838302c1285c5c78662c4   th?id=OIP.M647b2d9fa502d96c4973744a44159


Preparing the turkey (road runner )




spread butter evenly over breast

Look at the turkey Al  the turkey Al





Some people like smoked turkey.. I could never get it in the zig zag papers






Where pumpkin pie comes from













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