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Greatest Mothers

Femocratic Lands destroyed Libertarian Empire

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The Empress of Peace

directly from the underground nightclub under the Palace of Eternal Sun and Rain, Labrys, capital of Femocratic Lands


Femocratic People*



4 nuclear missiles bounced back by our SDI.

Zero enemy nuclear warheads on our land.

4 nuclear missiles of us hitting their land.

Out of just only 5 launched.


Countless fully successfull air raids with a lot of destruction and zero aircrafts lossess for us.

Zero, nothing, nada.

Our air superiority was total.




A lot of cruise missiles by us hitted them.

We had just only a single cruise missile hitting us.


We suffered zero air raids from them.

Zero, nothing, nada.



"Libertarianism is just another form of mental illness, just only slightly less bad than Anarchism.

We are the cure"

- The Empress of War


Let's celebrate our brightest victory, against a country that was Tier 4 - we are Tier 3.


Let's play our hymn * !



Let's play our Battle Hymn!





Vision of storm,
I wouldn't want that you to go.
Passion as a shadow,
Had I died there.
You hugged me,
In the ruins of the old Rome.
Apart from us, there's no one.
Only Thunder resounds,
Imprisons me,


Like a hurricane that is passed on to me
Love took everything
Devastated my life, angry waves
What we can't stop
As a hurricane, the storm in me
Has swept the past
on my life, it's a fire
That we can't stop.






Your beloved Empresses are having a very good time, I hope that all Femocratic People will follow our example in such important moment!


Let's celebrate, people!




* = this should be singed by a bunch of 12-13 yo schoolgirls, not by a man! :P

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In February the Libertarian Party of Cybernations demanded that Supernova X leave the brown team, and that I resign as Emperor to allow Sephiroth to enslave us. Our members fought against bullies who sought our extermination, who successfully forced new nations from this world with their heavy wonder and improvement stacks. In their arrogance they believed that they could bring the glorious Imperium to it's knees.


Empresses Vampir and Spider has demonstrated our collective commitment to this Imperium. We will never surrender our sovereignty, never surrender our right to existence, to those who seek to destroy and enslave all. Sephiroth believed he could blast his way through our members, and is learning the hard way that the Imperium fights as one hand, one heart, one soul.



Edited by Immortan Junka

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Killzone had so much potential (4 times), too bad guerilla games has the !@#$%^ story development of all time.

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