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A sequel is an admission that you've been reduced to imitating yourself.


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Well, it was just a few months back that Monsters Inc. was waxing paranoid about a micro-bloc forming to destroy them.   At one point, they were even trying to disband some little alliance named Scotland because they heard they might be joining this bloc, which was never planned and never formed -- mostly because none of the alliances cared about Monsters Inc. or what they were up to.


Usually when you go to school you get smarter, but here we are three months on, Monsters Inc has become Monsters University, and have suddenly decided to attack without cause the very alliances they were worried so much about warring to begin with.


Apologies to Planet Bob for the sequel, which are never as good as the original, especially when you know it will end just like the first one.  Spoiler Alert:





The Screaming Red Asses recognize a state of war with Monsters University.






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1 hour ago, Xanth said:

Good god, again!?


Not how I thought I'd end my cn career but oh well.


The last is always the most unremarkable I guess

Are you on vacation or not? You can fight back if you can post on the owf

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3 minutes ago, kingzog said:


You screwed up a login and it's somebody else's fault? What exactly are you trying to say?

I didn't, my login is automatically put in. They must have tried logging in a few times to lock me out. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes and i was able to log in. I guess the idiot didn't know that, but I was worried sirwilliam wouldn't get a nuke tonight. 

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11 minutes ago, Immortan Junka said:

Screenshot shows 5:30 PM server time, so you had 6 hours until update. Seems a bit unlikely someone conspired against you hours before update.

I guess they didn't know I get access minutes later. Xanth, where did I accuse you? I'm just saying someone from the enemy coalition did it, I wouldn't put it past you though. 

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