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Belverian 1st Congress convenes


The newly elected members of the Belverian Congress convened for the first time today to discuss the direction the new nation was to head in. The first bill proposed by the new congress was a bill that directed the nations economic efforts and its need to build infrastructure before other priorities. This bill was reviewed and revised to include the need for seek out resources that would be vital in building the nations infrastructure and increasing its peoples wealth.


The military received little in funding as it was believed that as it stands the military's role at this time is a defensive one. 


Other departments including R&D, Education, Health and Social Services, and Domestic Trade received a moderate amount of funding including the funding to build the nations first Bank.



Election Results


Presidential Election Results:

Marcus Dewinter (BDP): 78%

William Von Konster (BNP): 22%


Political Party Results:

250 Seats Total

Belverian Democratic Party:  158

Belverian Nationalist Party: 92

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