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Events and senate proposals in SE to TE winners

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We were discussing this in the previous alliance membership topic, this deserves its own thread so here it is:


Current situation:


The people that play TE do so because they enjoy early building and war, and for some people running alliances. Most people who play SE for the long term goals have very little motivation to play as everything you do is wiped from everything but this forum and memory after 100 days. Donations are nice but only received by a very very small number of players, a person can play for years and build well and be active every day and never see any long term reward.


In SE there is little motivation to log in daily and little to keep people active except during wartime.


My suggestion:


1. Add more SE rewards for people who participate in TE and are active to encourage people who want to grow their SE nations optimally to play, and give some long term meaning to your activity. This should take the form of events that are applied to the SE nations of TE players who get into the top x% of nations by casualties at the end of the round. Players would enter their SE names and passwords in when creating a TE account, when the round ends and they are in the top x% they get a choice between a few different bonuses based on what portion of that x% they were in.


My ideal value for x here is 30, so 30% of nations that finish TE would get a bonus event that lasts for 30 days, however these values aren't an integral part of this suggestion. Nations in the 20-30% range get access to the weakest events, those in the 10-20% range get better events, and those in the 0-10% range get the most beneficial events. In my mind these events would be custom written to provide more benefit than most of the standard events.


2. Give team events/senate proposals to the colours of the top 3 nations by casualties. I wasn't going to include this at first but rileyaddaff convinced me it could be fun. The idea of this part is to encourage wider pushing of SE players into TE by alliances. It is not dissimilar to what Caladin proposes here:


except that it would be by team, and not by alliance, and it would be won by individuals, and not by alliance. I feel this distinction is important as it means that TE alliances are not based off of SE alliance, which is something that should be avoided, and because the same handful of alliance that can field large active groups would not win over again. It would simply require alliances on the same team to push their members to play TE a bit more for the benefit of the entire team.


How this improves things:


It encourages activity in both SE (because SE players will be more active in TE) and TE (because they need to be active to get casualties). It gives players an actual benefit that can change things long term in SE by playing TE and also means teams are a little more interesting as there is benefit to being on a large active team which fields many people in TE as they are more likely to win benefits for the entire colour. It would both increase the numbers and likely activity in TE as more people would want to play and want to play well.


I have chosen to base all of this around casualties instead of NS or something else because I feel casualties correlates to activity the best, and whilst it favours larger nations it doesn't make it impossible for people with small or mid sized TE nations to gain benefits.

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I fully support this suggestion. It is something that encourages people to play without some crazy over the top reward(s) system. It gives players something to strive for even if they know that can't reach the top rewards for the round.


1) Requiring players to put in their SE info might require a lot of work on the administrative end of things. We are trying to make this as easy as possible for you(admin) to implement. So maybe have the players message you(admin) with what nation they want the prize applied to. Whichever is easier.


If I can find a list of all events that nations can receive, we can vote on which tier the players believe they belong in. Until I see the full list of events, i don't believe we need to tailor any of the events. 


2) Color events is something that i believe will push more players from SE to try out TE. The pipe dream of awarding your color with that extra aid slot is just too good to pass up. Having both individual events alongside color aphere events, could be the push that both (SE & TE) needs.


This could drive alliances to bring in mass numbers to auto win the award, but without seasoned TE players, it would be hard for them to achieve it. If an alliance does manage to achieve this, then you can bet that other alliances will adjust accordingly next round.


A couple of things that weren't covered in the OP. Color events, would still need the senator's approval and only 1 applied to color at a time. Also, individuals that would receive multiple rewards through this system, would get their choice of which one they want to be implemented. All events would last for 30 days as normal.

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All in all both of these are great suggestions, I may personally disagree with it being casualties only, but I do agree that it's a great starting point for a trial run.


I would also like to see the ability of negative colored events that can be applied to colors without their senators approval. I might be on the fringe with that idea, but I like the idea of the drama it will bring.

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