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Cowboy annoucement "New Alliance"

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Greeting TE Members

Thru the valley of TE (Tournament Edition) Cowboy annouces new AA  " Seal Team #6".  New members we are reaching out too you to get your gear and get in line for some Seal Training!  All members will be allowed enterance but must achieve a level of Supreme Fighting Skills.  Thru our edition you will have daily outline and directives to follow to be the best you can be here in TE.  Those members who climb the stats during game will find promotions and bigger resposiblity for the Good of the Seal Team.  


Our mission is to get nations into an understanding of fighting the edition with strategy and all will be included in ST#6 direction.  Please accept the challenge and make a name for yourself in TE.  ST#6 will welcome veterans to help in the mix of building a new team.  Together lets Rock & Roll and be your best, kill the rest!


All new members will be masked cadet, then a skill level will be earned promotions will be outlined below.

Cadet is assigned upon entry

Rookie is masked for nations following daily annoucements

Ranger for mastering building and fighting

Navy Seal for mastery of strategic war suggestions.


So you see you will be earning your title, if your good then you will know with a glance how Seal Team #6 recognises you.  Seal Team will be tough hard and accurate for those who can focus and drive momentum for the team.  So grab one friend (recruit) and join in as we ignite a new force in TE.




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He's been talking about it for years now...glad he started one. Good luck Cowboy



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6 hours ago, Wayne World said:

Humm what happened to Seal Team #6  I think they went 10-7


Seems they've disbanded and joined Defcon1

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