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Comic NAPs can be a pain, but we signed it and we'll honor it.


Sengoku has always been a plain spoken alliance, and I don't think this is the time to change that. We've had a good run, and whether you have agreed with us or not, I'd like to think that we've made your time on Planet Bob more interesting by being here. Although we were never a large alliance, I'd like to think that we did what we could to leave our mark on the game, and that history will prove that mark to be a positive one. As we close down shop I hope everyone here realizes that Sengoku didn't accomplish anything. Her members did all the work, and work they did. Bcortell was tireless in making in roads when Sengoku came on the scene. Schad had one of the greatest senses of humor CN has seen, and was peerless at FA work. Auctor is the definition of tireless when it comes to any sort of work his alliance needs. Where to start with hartfw I have no idea, anything I could say to describe how great of an alliance mate he is would not do him justice. There are so many other players who have helped make Sengoku what it is today and I know will help move Umbrella forward in the future. Tobbogon's energy is contagious and I am excited to see what he can do with more that just 30 members. I could write a paragraph about each and every member, but no one here wants to hear it and that's not why we did it. So I'll just end it by saying all the pertinent official stuff is listed below and thank-you Joey for starting something none of us will ever forget.


Sengoku is officially merged in to Umbrella


Umbrella will continue to protect the Sengoku Alliance until the merger is deemed complete


Umbrella officially protects the Gramlins alliance indefinitely moving forward


Umbrella assumes responsibility for Sengoku's treaty with the English Language


Signed for Sengoku


Auctor, Emperor

Tobbogon, Shogun


Signed for Umbrella


Roquentin, Mr Hiott's Lady Friend


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Our lawyers were our undoing.


Sengoku had a great run and I thank all of the many friends we made over the years and the enemies too for keeping it interesting.


Sengoku came about when Rogal Dorn and I had a fleeting discussion about what our dream alliance was like. I said I didn't have the energy or the willingness to make it happen. We said goodnight. The next day he said he had President SO on board. I said "okay". Nearly 4 years ago we started planning this alliance. 4 years later I definitely think we had a great run and accomplished a lot of things that we never could have done. I want to thank hartfw, petro, auctor, schad, ginger, dcrews, shazzam, bcortell, konrad, pso, rogal, and the entire sengoku crew as well as our allies throughout the years. You guys made a good thing a great thing and I'll be grateful.

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Shout out to PSO and Rogal as well, I literally couldn't begin to name everyone who helped us to become who we are. If you weren't singled out remember the company you stood with.

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Thanks for everything Sengoku.  You gave us a home when our forum died and treated us as members.  A debt that shall not soon be forgotten.  Look forward to following our new Umbrella overlords.  May they be bloodthirsty and righteous like Sengoku.


o/ Sengoku

o/ Umbrella


edit- Gre will protect the Sengoku AA indefinitely 


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Very sad to see this happen. GLoF and Sengoku have a long intertwined history together. Many of us joked that Sengoku was the Lodge's retirement home. We loved Sengoku even when you drove us insane. Without you it is safe to say we would have had nothing but a peaceful existence for the last few years. We are happy that you are not leavbing our family of alliances, but rather just killing our brother, and marrying our sister...

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Sad to hear about Sengoku.  Lots of fantastic people there.  It seems a lot of really cool alliances and individual people end up going to Umbrella.  It speaks well of them.

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