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Hillbilly Declaration: "We exist, Y'all."


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Howdy and welcome to the first of a one-part series on the overlooked but serious issue affecting all of Planet Bob. Of course I am referring to the invasion of those beard wearing, shotgun wielding, moonshine guzzling, lawn killing hillbillies..
I must admit that, at first, these toothless hooligans seem like horrible neighbors. With the late night hootenannies, 2 day barn burners and generally wacky shenanigans. Dogs barking all night and chickens cackling all day, I can see why many may cringe when they arrive.
But just one sip of that good ol moonshine and a couple of puffs on grandpappys corncob pipe and you will see that even though they are horrible neighbors, they know how to have a good time.
So I conclude this series with an announcement that may or may not be good news for the planet. It is certainly not good for real estate value.

The rednecks, country bumbkins and hillbillies have decided that enough is enough and have formed an alliance. Over a late night bonfire with Bud Weiser, Mr J. Daniels and Mary Jane as witness, The Hillbilly Coalition now exists.

Can I get a Yee-Haw!?

Y'all can come for a visit at our forums http://cnhillbillies.forumotion.com/ or on IRC at #cn-THC.


The Hillbilly Coalition (THC) government 

Rattlehead of Hellbilly Nation - President
Shavar of Shavar - Vice President
Thom98 of Swampville - Director of Military
Taeriel of Arenthia - Director of Finance
Zeus74 of Drakkonia - Director of Recruitment


**The Hillbilly Coalition is Protected by Children of The Morrighan **




Official charter of The Hillbilly Coalition


Preamble: On this day, September 1st 2016, I proudly announce the creation The Hillbilly Coalition (THC), a CyberNations alliance dedicated to the growth and defense of member nations. 

Article I: Membership

Any nation seeking admission into THC can apply on our official forums (cnhillbillies.forumotion.com) or by private message on CyberNations. All applications will be considered and membership granted on a case by case basis. 

Article II: Government

The government of THC shall be lead by a President and Vice President. 

President: Shall oversee the direction of the alliance. The Presidents' first priority is to guide and protect the member nations by upholding the THC charter. The Presidents votes/decisions shall be made with complete transparency to all members. The President has the final say in all matters concerning the alliance. The President shall appoint a Vice President and approve of all cabinet members appointed by the VP. 

Vice President: Appointed by the President, the VP shall oversee the day to day operations and step in when and if the President is unavailable. The VP is 2nd in command and the final authority on all charter amendments. No changes can be made to the charter without approval by the VP. The VP also appoints Department Heads (with President approval) as needed to run the alliance and is Chairman of the Coalition Council.

Coalition Council: Council members to be initially appointed by the Vice President, who will hold the Chair position. This 5 member council will meet and discuss alliance policies, charter amendments, and grievances. Members of the Council do not have to be Department Heads or members of government but any discussion should include the heads of the respective department being discussed. The council will hear all grievances and impeachments, with a recommended action being forwarded to the President. Charter amendments have to be approved by the Chairman (VP) and posted for member discussion/Presidential input before being implemented. Replacement or removal of Council members shall be done by Coalition vote, the Chair holding the tie-breaker if needed.

Department Heads: Appointed by The Vice President, the Department Heads shall be responsible for the direction and organization of their respective departments. 

Replacement of Department Heads by either resignation or removal shall be done by the VP with Presidential approval.

Article III: War Policy

Any member nation of THC that is attacked unprovoked shall be defended using any means necessary.
All offensive wars must be approved by the Defense Department and/or the President or Vice President.

Article IV: Multis

Due to the recent foreign aid abuse on CN, verifying each nation is required. Applicants must register on our official forums before being approved for membership . Applicants can request a waiver on this requirement by private messaging the President or Vice President for other means of nation verification. 

Article V: General Rules

All member nations must agree to abide by the THC Charter.

Anti-Spy Law: Spying in any form is completely prohibited.

All charter revisions shall be posted for discussion by all members 24 hours prior to the amendment taking effect.

Notice of resignation of membership should be given to the President and/or VP at least 48 hours prior. All loans, alliance aid and tech deals should be paid in full before resigning.

Impeachment proceedings of any government member shall go through the Coalition Council with their recommendation made to the President. All involved parties will be heard and decision made by the President. Involved nations shall be given an oppurtunity to appeal the decision.

Greivances and complaints shall be submitted to the President or Vice President and will be resolved by the Coalition Council involving a meeting of all involved parties and the final decision made by the President.

Any grievance or complaint should be sent via private message (on CN or the forums) to the President, Vice president, any member of the Coalition Council, or any combination thereof.

The expulsion of a member nation shall be voted on by the Coalition Council and approved by the President or VP. The decision and reason will be made known. Affected member nations shall be given an oppurtunity to appeal the decision.

Rattlehead of Hellbilly Nation, President
Shavar of Shavar, Vice President


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 Well here we go again,  I am looking forward to seeing what this run turns into, Thanks is needed to a few here CotM starting off with for standing behind us as we get things lined out and also Last Call for having our backs while we struggled getting this thing off the ground earlier.   Never easy starting an alliance but when you have more friends then what u need is a great situation to be in. We appreciate Protectors current and past and will always remain grateful.  Now where is the shine I need top get to  steppin




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the dopest thing about horses is that they’re basically grass engines

like, grass goes in, fast comes out

most things that produce fast (like cheetahs, and cars) use much more heavily processed grass, like horses, and oil

and yet here horses are, producing The Fast with only The Grass

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48 minutes ago, Mogar said:

the dopest thing about horses is that they’re basically grass engines

like, grass goes in, fast comes out

most things that produce fast (like cheetahs, and cars) use much more heavily processed grass, like horses, and oil

and yet here horses are, producing The Fast with only The Grass



 that is exactly what I was about to say ..  so  ahhh yeah ..  I need a drink now

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