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Hiya, little newby here


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The guide for new players is decent, but it is fairly basic and somewhat out of date, I assume you are referring to this guide: 

Some of the stuff there is completely unnecessary, for example the resource stuff is really not something you need to think about at all right now, the only advice new players need with resources is "don't change them until told to", as you can only change them once every 30 days. If you have changed them don't worry, it will just mean a bit of a wait.


Likewise for tech all you really need to know ATM is that you shouldn't go above 100 (as that is the amount needed for tech dealing, not 50, as that figure is outdated).


Not to say that it isn't good to understand these mechanics, but it isn't really for new players, rather it tries to be for everyone, which is its weakness IMO.


You'll find much better and more up to date guides within most alliances you can join, as well as that most alliances will have some kind of mentoring to help you learn stuff.


One quick piece of specific advice I would give you looking at your nation is not to buy anymore land for the time being, infra is a much better investment and 340 purchased is a lot for your size (probably too much TBH, though it is so cheap at that level it doesn't really matter).


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You can chose your own resources now and change them every month.  Many people have settled on the following trade set:

Aluminum, Cattle, Fish, Iron, Lumber, Marble, Pigs, Spice, Sugar, Uranium, Water, Wheat

It gives the bonus resources of Beer, Fast Food and Construction.


Not required, but it is a favorite of many people.


Find an active alliance and they will get you set up with trades.

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