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Peace is in our time

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The collective forces of MI6, Sparta, the North Atlantic Defense Coalition, and Invicta admit their defeat to their respective combatants facing them from the collective forces of Oculus, the New Polar Order, Fark, the Mostly Harmless Alliance, the Orange Defense Network, The Last Remnants, Atlas, the New Sith Order, The Bear Cavalry, and the Sovereign League of Armed Powers.

The aforementioned surrendering alliances agree not to provide any form of military or financial assistance to the alliances engaged in ongoing conflicts against Oculus and its allies for the duration of those conflicts.

The North Atlantic Defense Coalition agrees to depart from the blue team within 40 days.

Effective before August 26th all combatants will cease to declare additional wars and offer peace. This applies only to nations residing within the alliances in question. Those who have since left these alliances will have to seek an individual settlement to receive peace.

Signed for MI6,

Holton - M

Signed for Sparta,

Cazaric, King of Sparta
Yerushalayim, King of Sparta
MrGed, Ephor of Philoxenia
Jessica Rabbit, Ephor of Lykoi
Whitetigger, Ephor of Mesoa

Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition,

Secretary General: XxHouseArrestXx (Molagbal),
Deputy Secretary General: Zygon,
Internal Affairs Minister: Chunky_Monkey,
Foreign Affairs Minister: XxHouseArrestXx (Molagbal),
Military Operations Commander: Zygon,
Finance Minister: Scotia the Brave,
Education Minister: Gandorian,
The Assembly of the North Atlantic Defense Coalition.

Signed for Invicta,

/s/ KingWilliam, President of Invicta
/s/ Rotty, Vice President of Invicta

Signed for Oculus,

Senate and People of Oculus

Signed for the New Polar Order,

EaTeMuP - Emperor
Lestat - Regent
AlmightyGrub- Minister for Truth
Blue_Sam3 - Minister of Plenty
QuantumLeap - Minister of Love
EmperorJason - Minister of Peace

Signed for Fark,

Submitter: 182
Squirrel: Our Blessed Saint of Booze, Smontag
TF Council: docmeister, 905, BozDaBoz, Our Blessed Saint of Booze, Smontag

Signed for the Mostly Harmless Alliance,

jesbro, KingBilly1 and jalap

Signed for the Orange Defense Network,

Secretary General: bucovina
Secretary of Defense: tediousandbrief
Secretary of State: OsRavan
Secretary of the Interior: King Obsidian
Secretary of Economics: Peonn
Senate: Carson, Cashuea, Soccerbum, Keshaun, Hawspiper

Signed for The Last Remnants,

The TLR Triums

Signed for Atlas,

Alexio - President
Grealind - Chancellor of the Interior
Tevron - Chancellor of Foreign Affairs

Signed for the New Sith Order,

Joe Stupid Emperor
Spartacus Dark Lord
Rayvon Sith Lord
The Listener: Somehow the best thing to ever come out of Mi6

Signed for The Bear Cavalry,

Shurukian, Aramis
Van Hoo III, Athos
Rampage3, Porthos

Signed for the Sovereign League of Armed Powers,

Banned, King

The Ministry

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2 hours ago, Immortan Junka said:

Congrats to all parties involved for peace!


NADC will you be joining former blue team MCXAers here in brown :P


48 minutes ago, Tevron said:


Come to brown Mola ;)

Meth could lose his seat...


o/ Peace


EDIT: Damn, probably shouldn't have brought his name into this. Oh well, too late.

Edited by Blackatron
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