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2 hours ago, LordSunday said:



For the past month now player loss consistently is leading to an end date of March 2022 :(

Doubt it -- there's probably going to be some uplift/slowing down of the trend. After all, isn't "CN is going to shut down in two years" the biggest pastime on planet Bob?

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While I personally agree with you and the general trend has been dips followed by long periods of level playerbase, those dips have been mostly tied with the turmoil of CN politics. The fact that we've now been consistently in a dipping phase while Bob is generally a quiet place (GRL has almost fallen below 4!) is different from normal. In this case, different isn't good.


I still maintain my comments from the previous page of this thread that CN will bottom out somewhere in the lower 2,000s and stay there for quite a while.

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there's still a fair bit of activity if you know were to go :D

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Past month has been steady decline. Lost about 100 over the course of it. We're still likely looking at the dedicated bottom out being in the lower 2000s; the slide to that point is just occurring sooner and faster than I personally expected.


Current projected end date: March 20, 2022 (17 days later than last update on 7/5/20).

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2559. It's going back up ignore that this is literally just over the past 12 hours and is in no way indicative of any trends whatsoever

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