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"There are too many alliances and some of you should disband." - 6 years later, a scorecard.

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1) Mostly Harmless Alliance: Being the largest alliance doesn’t give you a free pass. I can’t think of anything that you add to the game so you’re out. Disband.

Currently #15, -14 places
2) New Pacific Order: Considering many alliances in the game define their very existence based on opposing this alliance, it goes without saying that they stay.

Currently #1, +1 places

3) Green Protection Agency: I realize some players just want to be boring hippies and buy infrastructure. We only need one neutral alliance, however. GPA stays, all others should disband.

Currently #3, is in the same place

4) New Polar Order: Brings drama from time to time. Starts huge wars. Definitely stays.
Currently #7, -3 places

5) Sparta: Classic cookie cutter. Disband.

Currently #13, -8 places

6) World Task Force: Does nothing. Disband.

Currently #16, -10 places

7) Viridian Entente: Stays

Currently #5, +2 places

8) Fark: Stays

Currently #21, -13 places

9) The Legion: Stays

Currently #9, is in the same place

12) Orange Defense Network: Followers. Not interesting. Disband.

Currently #6, +6 places

13) The Order Of The Paradox: Drama occasionally revolves around them. Stays.

Currently #32, -19 places

14) Global Alliance And Treaty Organization: Stays

Currently #19, -5 places

16) Independent Republic Of Orange Nations: Stays

Currently #2, +14 places

21) Umbrella: Stays

Currently #4, +17 places

22) Random Insanity Alliance: Stay.

Currently #47, -25 places

23) RnR: Boring. Disband.

Currently #12, +11 places

25) Federation Of Armed Nations: Used to be interesting, but now the NPO isn’t picking on you anymore and you’re just another alliance. Disband.

Currently #8, +17 places

27) Nordreich: Well even the “German Nationalists” need a home too. Stays.

Currently #22, +5 places

33) The Grand Lodge Of Freemasons: Boring. Disbands.

Currently #26, +7 places

34) Nusantara Elite Warriors: Everyone talks about what great fighters they are but I hear nothing from them. This game thrives on drama and intrigue. Disbands.

Currently #72, -38 places

36) Guru Order: Boring. Disband.

Currently #42, -6 places

38) Global Order Of Darkness: Drama bringers. Stays.

Currently #63, -25 places

39) New Sith Order: Even if I wasn’t a member of this alliance I’d know enough to know that they should stay. The Cyberverse needs more alliances like us. I’m serious.

Currently #27, +12 places

40) Nato: Stays

Currently #10, +30 places

45) North Atlantic Defense Coalition: Boring. Disband.

Currently #29, +16 places

46) The Templar Knights: Boring. Disband.

Currently #20, +26 places

48) World Federation: Boring. Disband.

This is listed as alive, I cannot find it

49) We Are Perth Army: Boring. Disband.

Currently #55, -6 places

51) Argent: Boring. Disband.

Currently #43, +12 places

56) Christian Coalition Of Countries: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW? Disband.
Currently #34, +22 places

57) Regnum Invictorum: The game would honestly be better served if you just joined NPO. Disband.

Currently #38, +19 places

64) AGW Overlords: Boring. Disband.

Currently #79, -15 places

67) Fellowship Of Elite Allied Republics: Boring. Disband.

Currently #23, +44 places

74) The Dark Templar: Boring. Disband.
Currently #14, +60 places

78) Alpha Omega: Boring. Disband.

Currently #65, +13 places

79) The Order Of The Black Rose: The hardcore RPers need a home, I suppose. Stays.

Currently #41, +38 places

80) Knights Of Ni!: Never heard of you before the Athens thing, haven’t heard from you since. Disband.

Currently #49, +31 places


I believe that is all done correctly, what to take away from this:


Biggest gainers:


The Dark Templar, +60


OBR, +38

Knights of Ni, +31

NATO, +30

TTK, +26

CCC, +22


Biggest losers:


NEW, -38

GOD&RIA, -25

TOP, -19

AGWO, -15

MHA, -14


Smallest change:


GPA&Legion, no change

NPO, +1

VE, +2

NpO, -3

GATO, -5

NoR, +5


Edited by Blackatron

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funny how CoTM is not on this edited list considering were 11 on the list of Alliances lol clearly someone either forgot or doesnt care

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16 hours ago, Kingofracing said:

funny how CoTM is not on this edited list considering were 11 on the list of Alliances lol clearly someone either forgot or doesnt care

CoTM weren't around when the list war originally made, I don't think Pax or TSC were even around back then.

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