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Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order


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Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order


Citizens of Bob,


In my time as Emperor I have been given the great privilege of working with some of the finest minds on Bob.  I am humbled by the passion and drive that I see from all of you who help make our community great.  Unfortunately I am no longer able to devote the time and dedication necessary to see Pacifica take its place in this world.  (OOC: I was unaware of how much of a toll real life would take on me)


But change cannot be stopped, and our community cannot be hampered.  And so I come before you today, to enact my final and greatest action as emperor in service to our goals.  I hereby step down as emperor and pursuant to Article II of our charter, I appoint Lord of Darkness as the tenth emperor of the New Pacific Order.   I have been honored to have Lord of Darkness serve as my regent and know he has the vision and decisive perseverance to help Pacifica ascend to new heights.


o/ Emperor Lord of Darkness

o/ New Pacific Order


Ninth Emperor of the New Pacific Order
The Thunder Down Under 

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Address from the Emperor of the New Pacific Order

Comrades, Friends, and People of the World,

It is with great humility that I accept the mantle of Tenth Emperor of the New Pacific Order. Over the past few years Pacifica has made great strides in almost every conceivable possible manner - greatly thanks to the efforts of Imperator Emeriti Farrin, Letum, and Frawley, as well as the blood, sweat, and tears of all Pacificans working to hold the Pacifican banner aloft. For your efforts I am grateful and salute you.

I look forward to continuing along the path which has been laid, bringing even greater levels of efficiency to Pacifica, and raising the Pacifican community to new heights. It is an immense task that lies before me, but one in which I will devote myself completely and fully.

As my first act as Emperor, I hereby appoint Jesse End to the position of Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order.

Hail Imperator Emeritus Frawley!
Hail Imperial Regent Jesse End!
Hail the New Pacific Order!

Lord of Darkness,
Emperor of the New Pacific Order

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9 minutes ago, Chunky Monkey said:

You know things are bad when even the most stable of alliances is on its third leader in less than 6 months. May your reign last until the lights go out.

To be fair, Letum served for well over a year until he faced  the same kind of issues Frawley is facing now.


Congratulations to Frawley, condolences to Lord of Darkness. :P

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I enjoyed the few conversations we had Frawley I would be rather bummed that you have stepped down but LoD is a great replacement. Good luck LoD and may your reign be long and prosperous. o/


15 hours ago, Mogar said:

Congratulations on the promotion, and what an interesting number to end up on.

Interesting little fact - IRON is on it's 10th President right now too.

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17 minutes ago, Caliph said:

Is it just me, or do NPO emperors not last as long as they used to?


It varies. Letum was actually our second longest Emperor.



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