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OOC: Sorry Mogar but for some reason it won't let me send you a PM. This thread will be in the same timeline as your "Second Industrial Revolution" thread and focuses on my characters in the aftermath of the Draganian Empire joining the Japanese Imperium which according to your thread controls the Earth and has many off-world colonies.


And yes this time I will actually do a lot of posts.


Continued from the end of 

Takes place at the same time as 



In the years that followed the end of the Dragon Wars the Japanese Imperium began its rapid expansion over the rest of the world. However instead of resisting them and causing a war that would have destroyed Asia Jesse and his mother Mei decided it would be best if the Dragon Empire joined the Imperium and so they did. Over the years as technology rapidly improved they rebuilt what was destroyed in the wars and helped bring the Earth into a new era of peace and prosperity. But their help went beyond Earth for when the Imperium decided to create offworld colonies on worlds like Mars they knew they had to help. While the humans needed to wear special suits to survive in the off-world environments the Dragons could do it in their natural bodies and this helped the humans a lot. Sure the people knew they were not humans but out there they were united in their struggle to live beyond Earth,


Meanwhile on Earth technology had taken over everything and while many like Jesse embraced it there were some like his mother who preferred the old ways (paper, etc).


"Seriously we need to embrace technology a lot more. It makes things so much easier that even you have to see it!" Jesse would tell her.


But she always gave him the same answer. "There are advantages of using the old ways that advanced technology will never accomplish."


That fight between them never ended until the day she died. There was no warning and the doctors they had all told him the same thing. "She died of old age Jesse. By now we have a lot of experience studying Dragon DNA and all signs point to her dying of old age." The main Doctor told him. "You need to understand that she was the oldest person alive since she was born before Jesus even died on the cross. From what you told us she was probably even older than that."


"Yea I know." Jesse replied. "But still, A lot of my life was me trying to find her and finding my purpose in life. With her gone for real now..."


"We understand sir. We will give you some time alone." 


Here is a Promo for what is to come narrated by Jesse's friend Jake:


We wanted a perfect world and we got it.


Jesse: "Things are much better now for both Humans and Dragons than they have ever been!"


On a classified mission my friends went dark and now I am trying to find out what happened to them.


Jesse: "They were sent to investigate reports of an illegal bio-weapons research facility. If you want to find out what happened to them than I suggest continuing their investigation."


But the closer I get to the truth the more I don't want to believe it.


Jake: "What happened here?"


Adria (Jesse's sister): "Looks like they were doing experiments on both Humans and Dragons."


Jake: "Why?"


Adria: "That is what we are here to find out."


Now it is up to me and Adria to find out what these illegal scientists were trying to do before they succeed with whatever their plan is. 

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While the environmental pollution was pretty bad in some parts of Earth because of the many factories and refineries it was not the same for many of the major cities. Advancements in technology allowed them to build machines which could get rid of a lot of the pollution and turn it into clean breathable air and because of them the air above city of Shangri La and the area around it was crystal clear.


Things were good for those who lived in the major cities and because of the clean air it made it a lot easier to see and control the air traffic from all the spaceships going to and from the Earth. Things were good and Jesse knew it. He also made sure everyone else like his friend Jake knew it too. "Things are much better now for both Humans and Dragons than they have ever been! Sure the areas around the higher density factories still have a lot of pollution but once we get the air filters installed there as well the air of Earth will be cleaner and clearer than those of the best colonies."


"I do not doubt that Jesse." said Jake. "But that is not why I am here. The squad you sent to investigate that illegal bio-weapons research facility have not reported back. I want to know what happened to them."


"I'm sorry but I don't have the answer Jake. If you want to know what happened I suggest continuing the investigation yourself."


"Really? Instead of helping me yourself? The Jesse I knew would never sit back while his own men died!"


"In case you have not noticed Jake there is a lot more at stake than one squad! Things may be good here in the cities but among the factories the humans can't keep up. Those that can't handle their jobs correctly die and there is nothing we can do about it. That is why you see a lot of them going off-world to the colonies. They think it will be better for them out there but what they don't realize is that in a lot of places it is much worse. But even that is not the real problem."


"Than what is?"


"There is something coming. Something bad and possibly even worse than that war against your father. My mother could feel when danger was coming and I guess that part was passed down to me as well."


"A threat from here or something else?"


"I don't know Jake but what I do know is that we can't have someone stabbing us in the back when the real fight comes. Go investigate that research facility and if they turn out to be a threat to us than you take them out!"


"And if they are not?"


"If they killed our squad than believe me Jake. They are a threat."

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Jesse's sister Adria would end up joining Jake in his investigation. The place they were investigating was in a not so good part of the Imperium to the south near Hong Kong. Both Jake and Adria remebered the time when Jesse almost went to war against the Imperium over the area around Hong Kong but now that they are a part of the Imperium it felt like something they could laugh about.


"100 years ago there were not many dragons left in the world." Adria said to him. "But after we joined the Imperium they embraced us and now there are more than ever not only here on Earth but among the off-world colonies as well!"


"I know. Some are saying there are even more dragons now because of how high our birth rates are compared to humans and how we are much better at surviving in extreme environments and stuff like that. There are rumors that soon there may even be more Dragons than Humans in the Solar System,"


"Is that really a bad thing Jake? Especially since dragons can marry and reproduce with humans."


"Not really bad but believe me there are some things better left to nature instead of science."


As they entered the abandoned building they looked around and saw a grizzly scene. There were dead humans and dragons everywhere. "What the heck happened here?" Adria asked.


"That is what we are here to find out." Jake told her. "Hack into that computer terminal near the window and see what you can find."


As Adria hacked her way into the facility's computer system lighting flashes from the storm outside lit up the whole room. "Got anything yet Adria?!" Jake asked. "This storm is not making this place look any better!"


"Yea I did find something. Apparently these guys were doing experiments on both Humans and Dragons. They were looking for a way to turn Humans into Dragons so it would be a lot better for them here on Earth working in the places that people have been known to die in. They fear that if the people can't find a way to get stronger and do their jobs better than they will all die."


"Can't say he is not telling the truth but what they were doing here is illegal so hopefully whatever killed them was on our side."


"I wouldn't be so sure about that Jake. Apparently some of their tests were successful and they were able to turn some Humans into Dragons that were even bigger and stronger than normal Dragons like us. And from the look of this place it seems like they turned on the scientists."


"So now we are fighting bigger and meaner Dragon killing machines. Great! Anything else I should know?"


"The look on her face was a little sad all of a sudden. "Yea. The ones they changed into those monsters was the Human squad Jesse sent here. The squad that went dark were the ones responsible for this gruesome scene and I doubt they all did it for the right reasons."


"Do you have any idea where they went?"


"No. But I fear it won't be long till we find out." Adria said as someone else's shadow appeared in a lightning flash behind Jake.



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Jake turned around quickly and both he and Adria aimed their guns at the person belonging to the shadow. She was an old lady with grey hair and had lab cloths on with a little bit of blood on them. "Who are you?!" Jake asked her.


The old woman answered. "My name is Doctor Elizabeth Halsey. I am the one responsible for what happened here and I am also the only one who can help you stop them before they try and kill your leader."


"What the heck are you talking about?"


"The truth. Those men you thought your leader Jesse sent here to stop us were actually with us. While Jesse doesn't know it this whole thing was sanctioned and funded by the Imperium however it was done with utmost secrecy behind his back by the Office of Naval Intelligence."


"Why though? We always thought the rest of you despised us because those are the looks we have been getting from everyone."


"That is not really true. If anything those looks they give you are out of jealousy. Because you can do things normal humans can't and we all believe that if we were dragons as well it would make life a lot easier for everyone. ONI however have... other plans. They believe that with more dragons in the military which they can control it would help keep order a lot better and make it easier to take out threats."


"Hmm. Not really a bad reason when you think about it. But still the way they are doing this is wrong."


"Really?" Halsey asked. "These men volunteered for the procedure and it was a success however now they plan on taking out loose ends including your friend."


"Why do they want Jesse dead?"


"Because while ONI believes the Emperor will approve of this however Jesse is the only one who would oppose this. He believes that we should let nature take its course and leave things as they are but ONI believes we should use science to turn humans into dragons to make life better for them and make our military more powerful."


"We need to get back to Sangri-La fast!"Adria said as they got back into the small gunship they used to get there. They would tell Halsey to get in as well. "Come on doc. Once we stop them from trying to kill Jesse you will tell him the same thing you just told us."

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After Jesse's secretary told him 4 big dragons with guns wanted to see him he already knew he they probably were and told her to let them in even after she advised not to while they still had their weapons.  
Once they entered Jesse knew why they were there. "So the experiments ONI were doing did succeed." 
"Yes and honestly sir it is not as bad as you said it would be. We feel like we can do anything and if everyone else were the same way things would be a lot better for everyone. Sure there are risks and this may not work for everyone but I believe those risks are well worth it for the reward." 
"I see. Yet you still don't see why it can't be that way. Sure a lot of stuff is done automatically now but there is still a need for hard workers and if everyone felt the way you do about it they would try to rebel against us and that is something I will not let happen." 
"The Office of Naval Intelligence head Imperial Admiral Sarah Osman wishes for you to have a meeting with her on Ganymede Station. She wants to talk with you about this and how it can benefit everyone in the Imperium. She wants you to be there when she brings this research to the Emperor himself."  
As Jake, Adria, and Doctor Halsey made it back to Jesse's office they found the 4 soldiers in front of Jesse but they didn't have their guns aimed at him. Jesse told them to lower theirs as well and so they did. "They want me to meet with Imperial Admiral Sarah Osman on Ganymede Station to talk about what the scientists were able to achieve. My secretary already confirmed what they say is true." 
"Really?" Jake said. "Because Doctor Elizabeth Halsey believes they were here to kill you?" 
"I swear to you we would never do such a thing." The lead soldier told them. "We came here to show him that the experiments were a success and that it is now possible to turn humans into strong healthy dragons." 
"Than who killed all the scientists at the research base?!" 
"They are all dead? How?!" The lead dragon soldier asked. Adria and Jake could tell by the look of shock on his face he really didn't do it. 
"Where were you?" Adria asked him 
"We came straight here after escorting Doctor Halsey to the Imperial HQ building so she could transmit the research data to Ganymede Station. After that she went back on her own while we came to the Imperial Palace here." 
Jake looked back at Halsey. "Is that true?" 
She hesitated for a second the said Yes. "They escorted me to the Imperial HQ in Singapore and then I went back to the Research Facility. When I arrived everyone was already dead and you two were there." 
"Than why did you tell us they were the ones who killed them?" Jesse asked. 
"Because I panicked. I thought ONI was tying up loose ends to hide the research for some reason but now it is clear it was not them." 
"Than who killed them?" Jake asked. 
Jesse continued before she could give an answer. "Doesn't matter right now. Lets focus on this meeting at Ganymede first then we can worry about who wanted the scientists dead."  

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This meeting with Admiral Osman would be Jesse's first journey off Earth in a long time. He had been on the Imperial spaceships before and once someone got used to them it became hard to stay away from them. Jake and Adria loved them but Jesse for some reason didn't. "Seriously Jesse these things are amazing and you can go anywhere in the system with them. Why don't you like them as much?" Jake asked him.


"Been on Earth my whole life Jake. Feels wrong leaving it." Jesse told him.


"Its ok Jesse. We will be back on Earth soon after you meet with Admiral Osman. Speaking of which how well do you know her?"


"Better than most. She was born in Shangri-La and went to the Imperial Military Academy. I meet with all of the graduates during their graduation ceremonies each year and out of all of them she seemed to be one of the ones who looked up to me the most. She told me she always loved dragons since she was a little girl and after she graduated from the academy she told me she would do whatever she could to bring Dragons and Humamity closer together. I guess now we finally know how she plans on doing it as the head of ONI."


"She doesn't really seem like a bad girl at all. So why are you nervous about this meeting?" his younger sister Adria asked him.


"Looks can be deceiving. She may believe she is doing this for the right reasons but with how the Emperor will probably use this research it may not turn out the way she hoped. If she truly wants to do this for the right reasons I will support her but we still need to be careful. We still don't know who killed those scientists and the ones who did will probably try to stop us."


A While Later


Once they arrived it was easy to see why Ganymede Station was the largest and most advanced research station in the Solar System. The place was absolutely huge and the amount of capital that went into the place to fund all the research there was unimaginable. Only the most intelligent of all humans and dragons worked there and although she was not much of a scientist herself Admiral Osman was in charge of the whole thing. "Welcome to Ganymede Station." she said to them as they got off the spaceship that brought them there.


"Good to see you again Admiral Osman. It has been a while since we last met." Jesse said to her.


"Indeed it has. I am not quite the same girl you met when I graduated from the Academy but my goals are still the same. I wanted you to meet with me here because I finally have a way to bring both of our races closer together and I want you to know all about it. Great things are happening here Jesse. Things which will change the balance of power in the Sol System."

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OOC: Boo




Jesse would receive a radio transmission from a unique source with a identifier only he would recognize. It contained a simple poem.




For untold years in his lair he slumbered, 

into darkness the world had fallen.

Waiting for the day next he rumbled,

To raise again and bring judgement callin'.



My hibernation has ended. My enemies have crumbled with the legacy I left you. It is time. Or have we over-spread the earth already?

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"Adria...?" Jesse asked her quietly after getting the message.


"Yea I heard it too." she told him. "You said you felt something bad was coming. Could this be it?"


"I don't think so. Maelstrom wouldn't turn on us after everything that has happened. He helped us get to where we are now. I doubt he would try to destroy it."


"Ok then. What are we going to do?"


"For now what we came here for. After we get back to Earth me and you are going to head up the mountain and see if we can meet with him. Find out what is really going on."


Meanwhile Admiral Osman continued to tell tham about the sort of work they did on Ganymede Station and how it would effect the rest of the Imperium. "The things we do here are for the good of everyone Jesse and thanks to Doctor Halsey's research we finally found a way to bring our races closer together. We can finally turn humans into dragons. It would make us all stronger, faster, give us the ability to fly without the use of ships or jetpacks."


"Don't forget who helped fund that Jetpack project. The Emperor might be the main source of funds for this place but I have put a great deal into this as well."


"Of course. That is after all why you are here. Besides the Emperor himself you are the next most influential person on Earth. It was you who first helped bring the dragon race out of the shadows. They are as much a part of the Imperium as everyone else because of your leadership on Earth and the Emperor has not forgotten that."


"Yea me and Emperor don't always see eye to eye but when we do great things happen."


"Exactly. And I believe this will be another one of those great things. We wouldn't force this on anyone who doesn't want to be a dragon. Only those that volunteer for it."


"How do you know anyone beyond that squad I met with will go for this?"


"Because I also volunteered for it Jesse. Will be going through the procedure after I show all this research to the Emperor. I will be living proof our races were meant to be one and the same and hopefully the Emperor will see it that way as well."


"Well if you truly want to go through with this and you are doing it for the right reasons than you will have my support. Let me know when you plan on showing this to the Emperor and I will be there when you do it."


"Soon, but you will have time to go back to Earth and do what you need to do there first."


Jesse was a bit shocked that she knew about the message from Maelstrom. "How did you know...?"


"This is ONI Jesse. It is our job to know everything. I trust what it is won't threaten the Imperium?"


"No. Me and my sister just need to go meet with an old friend. Before we go however is there anything else you want to tell us about?"


"Well speaking of ancient dragons there is one thing. Something we found that could help us a lot."


Jesse didn't even seem to be surprised at all. "You found another ancient dragon artifact didn't you ?! Is it one similar to the medallions?"


"In a way yes but this one is a bit different. If the research data is true than this would be something that will give us access to the stars beyond the Sol System. You want to see it?"


"Sure. I just hope you and your people know what you are doing because if something goes wrong there may not be a "minimum safe distance"." 


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Sol's various sensor systems from a multitude of its remaining sovereigns would pick up sweeps on various high frequency bands. It would take some triangulation from the different systems, but their origin was from beyond the Kuiper belt.. and if calculations were right, possibly even outside the heliopause. It was similar to a cartographic scan that might be performed by deep space probes. It was followed by a highly encrypted message for one specific recipient. It went on a repeating loop.. and then halted after about an hour indicating that someone had responded.


A second message was received by Jesse, "Move quickly, Winter is coming.. and I am not sure how long I can forestall it."

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