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:lol1: RAD ANNOUNCEMENT :lol1:


There comes a time in a men's life when he must due 1 of too things:

  1. get out of bed
  2. purchase a billfold
  3. find glasses

So, I decided that when the time cometh I will not shy away from doing what is right and good.



There used to be an appliance called RAD and it at one time blossomed into a dangerous and beautiful work of piece of display of fine art.

And then, their supreme dictator and benevolent father figure moved on, leaving the allegiance in the hands of hedonistic sinners.

When the time came, them galdurn sinners brought the annoyance RAD to its ultimate demise.

I forgive them.





It has been nearly 60 years and a fortnight since that fateful day. Give or take. And it's time for old friends to become new anemones enemies.







I don't have time to do things like make forums so we'll use this one, it's very old. http://z11.invisionfree.com/RAD_Alliance/index.php?act=idx

IRC is #RAD obviously. But don't expect any sort of special treatment.




This is my flag.





Here is the charter:


  1. This is a charter
    1. And will act as such.
  2. RAD does not mean the following
    1. Real Ape Dudes
    2. Roaring All Day
    3. Rip A Donkey
  3. Membership
    1. You can apply but don't expect to be accepted
    2. I master hakai will kick out whoever I want, whenever I want, whyever I want.
  4. Everything else
    1. Don't talk to the leader of RAD about things, because he don't want to hear it


We (I) have treaties and protectorate agreements in place but if you want a treaty then sent me an messanj.

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Following Master Hakais way with words



The Daddy Issues Pact


1. This is a treaty. Jack Layton recognized it as such with all the perks of a treaty.

2. It's military and economic

3. We will share our daddy issues with the other

4. Yes this is serious


Signed for RAD,


Master Hakai



Signed for Varangian Guard,


Mad Jack Layton


King Conrad


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59 minutes ago, Immortan Junka said:

I always thought your posts were funny Hakai. Good luck and have fun with this.

i think yours are hilarious but you and I will be pitted against each other in the eternal struggle between order and






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