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Cowboys Wandering Around in the Desert

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320px-War_flag_of_Sengoku.pngphoto TSCAtlas_zpsb8wghvk0.jpg



Even Friends Fight Sometimes


TSC and Sengoku (to include their allies) hereby agree to peace, because we're better than that.


Signed for The Sandstorm Confederacy


ConRed - Elder of the Treasury, Lover of the Occasional Thing or Two

Alex0827a - Elder of Travel, Sometimes Gets Lost in the Large Desert

Satan1612 - Elder of Organization, Needs More Filing Cabinets

eXcessium - Tribal Elder, Snoozes in a Hammock

veracity - Elder of War, I Can't Put This Here, I Might Get Warned

Peonage - TSC's Favorite, More Than Just A Pretty Face

Kream - Retired, But Still Going

shavar - Peacemaker In Chief


Signed for Cowboys

hartfw: Spokesman and official OWF announcer of all aa positions
autosave36 : Formal proof of existence

Signed for Sengoku

Auctor - Currently unavailable

Signed for the Viridian Entente

Supreme 142, Lord of the Entente
Lieutenant Yenroh, Duke of the Entente
Samwise, Secretary of Defense
Cards, Secretary of the Interior
Austrailia and Baltus, Chancellors
Legend, Secretary of Economics

Signed for the Grand Lodge of Freemasons


Signed for Non Grata

Schroenkreiger, likely forged

Signed For Dark Templar

SCM, celebrating life with a korean girl
Sarkin, with no authority and also forged. 




It should be noted that TSC and Sengoku both did what they felt was right at the time, disagreed with each other, and got all emotional for a few days. But hey, even the perfect couple has an argument every now and then, right? At the end of the day, they're still good people, and that's what counts. We harbor no ill will towards each other and would like to put this whole thing behind us. It should also be noted that I will voluntarily be paying reps of 54 mil and 600 tech. They did not ask for these, I just feel bad about the whole situation and offer these as a token of apology.


Also, a special congratulations to these guys on how well they fought. Never before have I lost 92k NS in the space of about a week (more than half that was hartfw :wub: ). Thanks for the cheap Moon wonders!


o/ Cowboys

o/ TSC

o/ Sengoku

o/ DT

o/ NG

o/ GLoF

o/ VE


Here's to a brighter future, lads!

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